The levels of study fulfill the prerequisites of international  organizations of recognition of yoga teachers, such as Yoga Alliance.  They are the following:

1st Level:  Fundamental, 200 hours

Upon completion of this level you are awarded a Certificate of Competence in Teaching Yoga to beginners.  You can then start teaching, even though you will not know all you need to know yet.


2nd Level:  Higher, 300 hours

At Lotos, the 2nd level is given in 3 parts, each part comprising of 100 hours.  Upon completion you will know how to advance your students to a more demanding practice and also learn how to diversify your lesson with various styles of Yoga, such as Vinyasa Flow, Partner Yoga, etc.  You will be awarded a Certificate of Competence in Teaching Yoga to intermediate and advanced students.  You will then know all you need to know in order to establish your own yoga studio.



After completing 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, students can take one more 300-hour course, in order to learn how to help activate the self-healing powers of their students and how to handle yoga lessons in such a way, as to help their students deal with specific health problems.

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