Our students’ opinion about Lotos’s study program

Konstantinidou-GeorgiaKonstantinidou Georgia, Thessaloniki (e-learning)

I am very satisfied that I decided to risk studying though e-learning at Lotos. Having access to the material anytime, anywhere, through a computer, is very helpful. I am thrilled with the quality of the lessons. The documents, with detailed descriptions and pictures, the audio and video files, are all excellent tools. Your instruction is very precise and detailed, reducing the possibility of mistakes and all the theory is well written and easy to learn.

Koutri-StellaStella Koutri, Argos (e-learning)
As I study your material, I can sense the dedication and love you have put in it. I can see daily the beneficial influence it has on me and in me. I feel lucky that I found this program.

Kamilaki-AlexandraAlexandra Kamilaki, Crete (e-learning)
I am very pleased with the frequent communication we have during the study program. Your program is excellent. It give us so many scientific facts and details. It makes you feel sure about what you are going to teach. It is a complete program, very valuable for prospective yoga teachers.

Μουτοπούλου ΘάλειαThalia Moutopoulou, Petroupoli (e-learning)
I am very pleased. The techniques are excellent – especially the Karanas. I had no questions or difficulites which were not taken care of by studing the documents and doing the practice regularly. Having just had a baby, I couldn’t cope without yoga. It has benefited me and my husband – who is my first student – tremendously.

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