See for yourself how scientifically based, interesting and user-friendly the study program is at Lotos.  Enter the 1st lesson, by taking the following steps:

  1. Remember the password lotosdemo.
  2. Click here:  Sample lesson for Visitors.
  3. Enter by clicking the box for Visitors.
  4. Give the password lotosdemo.
  5. Click “Registration”
  6. The 1st lesson of the 1st Unit will open.
  7. The documents open by double clicking, so that you can get access to the material (written documents, audio, video etc.).
  8. You will need these programs:  PDF Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Quick Time Player.  If you do not have them, you can download them for free and then restart your computer before proceeding.

For more information, write us an e-mail at or call us at +30 210-8015292 (from Greece) or at +1 7477650 (from the U.S.A.).

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